ABBA - Vinyl Album Box Set (10 LPs Set | 180 g Audiophile LP | VINYL)

ABBA - Vinyl Album Box Set (10 LPs Set | 180 g Audiophile LP | VINYL)

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Produktinformationen "ABBA - Vinyl Album Box Set (10 LPs Set | 180 g Audiophile LP | VINYL)"

Vinyl Album Box Set
10 LPs | 180g VINYL | OVP

Ring Ring / Waterloo / ABBA / Arrival / The Album
Voulez-Vouz /Super Trouper / The Visitors / Voyage / ABBA Tracks

Es erscheint eine aktualisierte Version der ABBA-Albumsammlungen, die zum ersten Mal auch das neue Studioalbum »Voyage« enthält. Die Sets enthalten alle neun Studioalben und einen Bonus-Tonträger mit Titeln, die nur als Singles erschienen sind. Dazu gehören unter anderem Songs wie »Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)« oder »Fernando«. Alle Alben der LP-Box sind auf 180g schwerem Vinyl gepresst.

*** OVP/Sealed
* 10 LPs Set
* 180g Audiophile Vinyl
* Box-Set

Erscheinungstermin: 27.5.2022
Label: Polar
EAN: 0602445149476


    LP 1: Ring Ring

A1    Ring, Ring (Swedish Version)
A2    Another Town, Another Train   
A3    Disillusion   
A4    People Need Love   
A5    I Saw It In The Mirror   
A6    Nina, Pretty Ballerina   

B1    Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
B2    Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother
B3    He Is Your Brother   
B4    Ring Ring (English Version)   
B5    I Am Just A Girl   
B6    Rock'n Roll Band

    LP 2: Waterloo

A1    Waterloo (Swedish Version)
A2    Sitting In The Palmtree   
A3    King Kong Song   
A4    Hasta Mañana   
A5    My Mama Said   
A6    Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)

B1    Honey, Honey
B2    Watch Out
B3    What About Livingstone   
B4    Gonna Sing You My Lovesong   
B5    Suzy-Hang-Around
B6    Waterloo (English Version)

    LP 3: ABBA

A1    Mamma Mia
A2    Hey, Hey Helen
A3    Tropical Loveland
A4    SOS
A5    Man In The Middle
A6    Bang-A-Boomerang

B1    I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
B2    Rock Me   
B3    Intermezzo No. 1
B4    I've Been Waiting For You
B5    So Long

    LP: 4 Arrival   

A1    When I Kissed The Teacher
A2    Dancing Queen
A3    My Love, My Life   
A4    Dum Dum Diddle
A5    Knowing Me, Knowing You   

B1    Money, Money, Money
B2    That's Me
B3    Why Did It Have To Be Me
B4    Tiger
B5    Arrival

    LP 5: The Album

A1    Eagle
A2    Take A Chance On Me
A3    One Man One Woman
A4    The Name Of The Game

B1    Move On
B2    Hole In Your Soul   
B3a    Thank You For The Music   
B3b    I Wonder (Departure)
B3c    I'm A Marionette

    LP 6: Voulez-Vous   

A1    As Good As New   
A2    Voulez-Vous
A3    I Have A Dream
A4    Angeleyes
A5    The King Has Lost His Crown

B1    Does Your Mother Know
B2    If It Wasn't For The Nights
B3    Chiquitita
B4    Lovers (Live A Little Longer)
B5    Kisses Of Fire

    LP 7: Super Trouper   

A1    Super Trouper
A2    The Winner Takes It All
A3    On And On And On   
A4    Andante, Andante   
A5    Me And I   

B1    Happy New Year   
B2    Our Last Summer   
B3    The Piper   
B4    Lay All Your Love On Me   
B5    The Way Old Friends Do   

    LP 8: The Visitors

A1    The Visitors   
A2    Head Over Heels
A3    When All Is Said And Done   
A4    Soldiers
B1    I Let The Music Speak   
B2    One Of Us   
B3    Two For The Price Of One   
B4    Slipping Through My Fingers
B5    Like An Angel Passing Through My Room

    LP 9: Voyage   

A1    I Still Have Faith In You   
A2    When You Danced With Me   
A3    Little Things   
A4    Don't Shut Me Down   
A5    Just A Notion   

B1    I Can Be That Woman   
B2    Keep An Eye On Dan   
B3    Bumblebee   
B4    No Doubt About It   
B5    Ode To Freedom

    LP 10: ABBA Tracks

A1    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
A2    Fernando
A3    Summer Night City
A4    Under Attack
A5    The Day Before You Came

B1    Lovelight
B2    Happy Hawaii
B3    Elaine
B4    Should I Laugh Or Cry
B5    Put On Your White Sombrero


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